Welcome to the Sosúa Kids website!

Please look around the site and think about how you can help us to improve the educational opportunities of poor children in The Dominican Republic.

SOSÚA KIDS helps poor children from the Sosúa area of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic to attend school in order to achieve their needs and aspirations and to help in the development of this beautiful and friendly country.

Children in the Dominican Republic are entitled to attend school at no cost, but they must have full school uniforms, backpacks and school materials.

Our primary purpose is to provide school uniforms for children who otherwise could not afford them or go to school.

From small beginnings in the year 2000 (see our Background page) we have now developed to the stage where in the year 2012/2013 we are supporting more than 478 pupils.

SOSUA KIDS aims to support each child that it takes on until the completion of his or her school career..

If you can, please help us to keep the needs and dreams of these children alive.

Please see our Face Book Page, Sosua Kids Group for news, current and upcoming events, and all things Sosua Kids as we are unable to post on our web site at this time. Thank you!

Short clip of what we do

What we Do

Sosua Kids has come a long way since its inception in 2000 when the first 13 children had their shirts and blouses sewn by hand and the children had to stand on cardboard for volunteers to draw round their feet so that shoes could be bought for them.

There were signs of an impending crisis in 2008 when the number of children in school reached 330. The principal fund raisers had left the island, or sold their bars, reserves were down to an all time low and at the same time the world “credit crunch” was beginning to bite. It was realised the time had come for Sosua Kids to operate more formally.

Sosua Kids has always promised that once it takes a child on it will support him or her through to the end of their school life. This is a huge promise and in order to achieve it Sosua Kids aims to have reserves of 50% of the next years uniform costs. The time had come to rebuild the reserves.

Sosua Kids is a local charity and is supported by residents (past and present) and holiday makers who come to our town. We did not want to change the “face” of the organisation or weigh down the principal members with loads of administration.

By October 2008 additional fund raisers had been found to supplement the work done by our founders. Sponsors were located to pay the legal costs for the formation of the foundation, a surprisingly expensive and time consuming job. Another sponsor set up the web site and pays the hosting cost.

Although it took a year before the Dominican Government finally issued the formal documents and Tax Number (November 2009) we decided to run the organisation in a formal manner from the date of the first application for charity status.